Welcome to Kirkendall Counseling Service where you come to emotionally heal and become the best version of yourself.  Kirkendall Counseling Services is on telehealth service and specializes in helping those who are in need of emotional healing.   Hiram Kirkendall is LCPC  and is experienced in working with teens and adults who suffers from substance abuse, trauma, depression , PTSD,  anxiety and who are at risk of dropping out of school or ending up in the justice system. Hiram also specializes in working with individuals who need help with anger management.  Hiram has  10 years of experience with working with ex-felons and individuals at risk of being the justice system. Hiram uses cognitive behavioral  therapy for those individuals who have had a trauma  in the lives. He has helped them make positive changes in their lives to get better outcomes.

Benefits of Telehealth. Its convenient, It allows the client to  engage in therapy from their home, in their car or a walk in the park. It eliminates the need for transportation and saves time. Also, the session are secure.


Currently accepting Blue cross Blue Shield, United Health Care.

Other companies and medicaid are pending.